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Stefan Tarara was celebrated as the star of the evening, as a breathtaking virtuoso. His stupendous Paganini-interpretation received thundering applause. Mannheimer Morgen
..."Fireworks"... Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung
Stefan Tarara surprises his audience with a shining technique, a clear, pure, finely spun sound which displays velvety substance in the lower registers and a rare glow in the higher ones, topped with wonderful ease with regards to the outstanding challenges of the piece.

But this is not all. The audience was stupefied most of all by Stefan Tarara’s maturity of interpretation in which a feeling for style and musicality are happily combined. … Nothing seemed merely trained, everything was deeply felt.
Mannheimer Morgen
...fiery artistry... Süddeutsche Zeitung
Tarara is only two years younger than his colleague Julia Fischer, but a much more impulsive player. The young 19-year-old technical miracle loves spontaneous sound, but is also able to interpret his musical part very carefully. He bewitches his audience with his irresistible sound, showing how well he masters passages which are technically extremely difficult. Ruhr Nachrichten
...a miracle of technique and musicality. Die Rheinpfalz
…There are no limits to Stefan Tarara’s feeling for sound and for the structure of a piece, his delight in the manifold possibilities of expression on the violin and, of course, in the surprising mastery of technical difficulties. DrehPunktKultur Salzburg
...with carefreeness and technical superiority. His intonation is flawless; his cadenzas are harmonically and melodically outstanding. Stuttgarter Zeitung
...he celebrates good shape and exactness which leave you speechless. Frankenpost
He masters expressive melancholy as well as triumphant pathos and exudes the flair of universal violin virtuosity with haunting high notes. The name of this violinist will have to be remembered… Darmstädter Echo
...if the musical world is looking for a legitimate successor for virtuoso players like Salvatore Accardo and Rugiero Ricci – he could be the one. Mannheimer Morgen
...wonderfully emphatic and musically as well as technically extremely professional… Dürener Nachrichten
...stupendous virtuoso from the Rhein-Neckar region… Mannheimer Morgen
It seems as if this violinist’s mastery of sonorous depth, the cantabile, the chastity of flawless arpeggios with their heavenly tender high notes, but also the urgent drama of rising chords is almost unsurpassable. Heilbronner Stimme
His performance seemed like a revelation of deepest and soulful dedication. Schwetzinger Zeitung
It was a special pleasure to see that Stefan Tarara is not only a magician on his violin, but also a musician gifted with phantasy who played with noble sound, creating lucid phrases whose operatic origin was rendered very convincingly. Die Rheinpfalz
Without envy the 16-year-old can be granted this praise: He rendered a flawless interpretation which left the audience in incredulous admiration. Aside from his technical perfection, the musical impulses were also fitting. Displaying freedom and independence as a soloist, he successfully integrated the orchestra in his playing. Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung
All the well-hidden subterfuges and tricky passages are dealt with by Stefan Tarara as if in passing and with pep – as if they were nothing at all. Reutlinger Nachrichten